Thursday, March 27, 2008

Message from Bob:

Recently, photos taken by the City of Littleton back in March 2006 are making it into the public (setter) limelight. The sender of these photos is a Sabrina Clinesmith and I do not know this woman or how she was able to gain access to photos from the court files. Her first email went out to the Irish fancy and now to some in the English fancy. From the comments of those who have seen the photos, they apparently are of storage and clutter. Some are of dogs in crates that were placed there by me, ordered by the city inspectors.

1) The photos are poor quality black and whites. This implies that they are from the city's files. I have colored digitals following each inspection as record of conditions and digitals of the dogs at the time of each inspection.

2) My attorneys reviewed photos in the court file prior to pursuing my case and saw no problems there. The photos pertain to inside and outside storage and probably my poor "housekeeping," but not to the issue of the number of dogs as was their only reason for unannounced inspections. These are two separate issues: the number of dogs, and the condition of my property as it pertains to city codes and ordinances. The house was built in 1950 and should be grand-fathered in.

3) There are no signed formal complaints from other than city zoning in my court file. There are no references within my court file of any complaints by anyone, neighbor or otherwise, formal or anonymous. The last city noted complaint was an anonymous phone call alleging neglect and abuse of rescues that was made in 2000 and was found to be false and unfounded by both the city and state.

4) The city has been inspecting my premises since 9/6/06, with unannounced "raids," up to and including 2/15/08. All inspections have included at least two individuals from community development, one animal control officer, and one to four uniform police. The only charges ever brought are limit violations, alleged operating a kennel, and violations of the International Property Maintenance Code and other city ordinances pertaining to outdoor storage, rubbish, and a shower enclosure.

5) My house and/or conditions of the dogs have been inspected at my request by two veterinarians, an inspector from the All Breed Rescue Network in Colorado, and by a State of Colorado Animal Cruelty Investigator with 25 plus years experience in that position. All inspections passed with housing and care conditions and health meeting and/or exceeding all state requirements, including those requirements for multiple dog conditions for rescue and/or kennels.

6) When looking at the photos, do any of the photos show feces or urine puddles?

7) No charges of neglect, abuse, cruelty, etc., have ever been brought against me by Littleton or any other agency except for the allegations contained in the seizure warrants of 2/15/08 and that I expect was their reason to justify their illegal break in. Mr. Alan C. Katz, prosecutor, has also written a letter with untrue facts and his personal opinion and accusations.

(8) Mention is made in the Clinesmith email sent with the photos about a 12 year history between me and the city. I have no idea where that comment comes from.

The facts remain, the City of Littleton did illegally break in and seize my show dogs. They are now trying to so some damage control?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Arapahoe Kennel Club News

The Fun Match given by the Arapahoe Kennel Club at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds on Saturday, March 22nd. was a fun filled event and well attended. Thank you to all that came to show your pup, your dogs and to have fun.

Your support of Bob Attleson with the Silent Auction was a huge success. Four tables were chuck full of great donated items and larger items were placed on the floor. At the end of the match, nothing was left.

Special thanks to everyone that worked so hard to make the day just perfect!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Arapahoe Kennel Club

Sanctioned ALL BREED "B/OB" Match
Conformation - Obedience - Rally
MARCH 22, 2008 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Arapahoe County Fairgrounds
E. Quincy Avenue - 1-1/2 miles East of E-470
Great items in the - Silent Auction - benefiting the Attleson Dog Defense Fund.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Have you heard of The Austringer?

Google Web Alert for: Illegal Seizure of Show Dogs
The Austringer » City Government as a Blunt Weapon

Click on the 'blue link.'
Awake Colorado, to a clean blanket of snow and the
dark cloud that hangs over the City of Littleton.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An Update on the puppies ...

After a few days on medications, the pup's fevers are normal and they are bouncing around again. How many pups do you know that make their exit through a window and are carted off to a shelter? Quite a scare for Bob and Melissa as these pups have been through quite an ordeal. Bob's Vet believes whatever made them sick will run its course and the other dogs may or may not become affected. We're hoping for the best.

In the photo at the bottom they have full bellies and have just crashed.

What I Can and Cannot Share ...

There is a reason that some information is NOT posted to this BLOG [DCA Letters, Mayor Letters]. I don't feel it appropriate to share correspondence between folks writing the City and the responses they receive. I can, however, share that I have been made aware of such writings and comment.

The City has been reading this BLOG and the WEBSITE It would be prudent for them to make their letters public and post them up at their site. If I have misstated the facts in my writings, the City should welcome the opportunity to point them out.

By the City's 'own code,' as shown in the Emergency Motion For Hearing On Illegal Seizure Of Property, the only penalty authorized by the Littleton Municipal Code is a fine of not more than nine hundred and ninety nine ($999.00) (Ord. 18, Series of 1982) See Littleton Municipal Code 6-2-12-Penalties for Violation. The only exception to this is if there is a repeat allegation of roaming of a fierce or vicious animal - which has never been alleged in this case. Even if that was alleged, the remedy is a fine and jail time. Under no circumstances does the Littleton Municipal Code or State of Colorado nuisance abatement provisions authorize forcible seizure of property.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Littleton's Mayor Responds to Letter Writing

Mayor Uses City Documents

Bob Attleson has never disputing he was over the limit. From his first citation he has been trying to come into compliance. What he contends is that on January 10, 2008 he was ONE dog over the limit and not EIGHT and that was because one of the rescues was sick and brought to Bob to watch temporarily.

One of the documents sent by the Mayor clearly shows that on January 10, 2008 the dogs were either in Show Clips or in GOOD CONDITION and that also included the sick rescue. This documentation, in the form of a Memorandum, was sent to the District City Attorney and other City officials.

WHY THEN was it necessary on February 15th that City officials present to the judge that the dogs at Attleson's residents were at risk of abuse and/or getting sick? WHY WAS forcible entry to seize Bob's dogs necessary? Was it because they now knew Bob was relocating and they had to do something? This sounds like a "Let's Get Him," tactic.

Bob was scheduled to meet with the Animal Control officer at his property on Tuesday February 19th to show the officer that he was in compliance. That meeting was circumvented by the Illegal Seizure of his dogs.

You are to take good care of your dogs but you can't have a grooming room with a raised tub. So you can't bathe them. If you do, you will be accused of running a grooming business out of your home. You can't take a rescue that is being fostered to the Vets. If you have a rescue in your possession even for a temporary watch, you are over the limit. You just can't do 'good' in the City of Littleton. Their laws just don't allow it.

Sadly ... all the puppies are sick and running temperatures.
What did they pick up at the shelter?
They have been vetted and are on medication.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Littleton's Deputy City Attorney Writes Letter

It's Friday morning and I have been made aware of a letter written by the Littleton City Attorney and being sent by email to some of the people that have written to the City officials. I have read this letter and find it difficult to extract any of what he is saying to be the truth. Several of the untruths glare out at me. Here are some of the TRUTHS!

  • Bob's premises have been inspected by state officials PACFA [Pet Animal Care & Facilities Act], the DDFL [The Denver Dumb Friends League], and ABRN [All Breed Rescue Network]. These are Dog People that know what they're doing. Who are the experts that the City Attorney uses to pass judgement on conditions?
  • The City Attorney is either lying or he doesn't have the facts.
  • It is also not true that Bob got his dogs back at NO COST. The fee for getting his dogs back was $1,051.00. This is verifiable, Bob has the bill.
  • There are many untruths to the City Attorney's email. We could go down each paragraph one by one but for now, he can try and do damage control. He and his people were wrong by their actions of illegally breaking in to seize Bob's dogs. They put his dogs in harms way and there is no changing that.

We want to thank everyone for writing and expressing utter outrage. Keep sending those letters and emails. This is America.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pups Seized in Raid

When I see pictures of these healthy pups I just want to cry. How could anyone forcibly take them and seeing them, think that they were in danger of health risks? Here they are, just two days shy of their 9 week old birthday.

Is it the conditions of the homes, one built in 1950 and the other in 1975 that bothers the City of Littleton? Shouldn't old homes be 'grand fathered in?' Or should the City of Littleton be looking at the conditions of the dogs and the puppies?

I live in an old farm house that was built in 1975. The house has settled some over the years and there are some cracks. I've had to repair some of the plumbing, replace some linoleum. I don't know if I am up to code or not. My dogs and I are comfortable. I wouldn't know how to take care of a 'prairie castle' if I won one in the Lottery. My friends come to visit me and my dogs.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Please Write Those Letters

Here is the information needed to let the City of Littleton know how you feel about this senseless act by city employees against Bob Attleson and his property [Show Dogs].
This information is up at the City of Littleton's Website so it is public information.
The address for snail mail is shared by all officials:

City of Littleton
2255 W. Berry Avenue
Littleton, CO 80165

Jim Woods, City Manager:
Phillip Cortese, Deputy City Manager:
Kelli Narde, Director of Communications:
Marline Brown, Executive Secretary:
Chris Harguth, Public Relations Specialist:

Jim Taylor, District 1:
Joseph Trujillo, District 2:
Tom Mulvey, District 3: [Mayor Pro Tem]
Debbie Brinkman, District 4:

Doug Clark, Mayor At Large:
Peggy Cole, At Large:
John Ostermiller, At Large:

Please copy me with your letters to:
I am keeping a file.
Thank you ...

Attleson Defense Fund

The Attleson Defense Fund has been set up at the Chase Bank in Littleton, Colorado.
It is now 'active' and the Acct. # is: 636307967

Account name is Steven A. Wheeler, DBA Attleson Defense Fund

Checks should be made payable to,
Attleson Defense Fund and mailed directly to:

Attleson Defense Fund
% Steven A. Wheeler
7834 W. Friend Dr.
Littleton, Colorado 80128

The checks are going to Steven A. Wheeler because he has to endorse them before they can be deposited into the Attleson Defense Fund Account.

PayPal account information is not available at this time but it is in the making. As soon as I have that information I will post it.
Thank You

History - Synopsis

On Friday, February 15, 2008, the founder of All Setter Rescue, Bob Attleson, had the doors at his residence's physically kicked (rammed) in and 'HIS' dogs [English Setters], seized by the City of Littleton. He had one 18 month old male, three adult bitches and four nine week old puppies. The dogs were counted as EIGHT and taken with a court order alleging that they were being abused. Puppies under the age of six months should not have been counted as adults but they were. Abuse charges have never been filed against Bob, only 'over the limit' charges.

Friday morning Bob was at the Plum Creek All Breed Shows in Denver showing his brace of English Setters, "Pig" and "Jo." His Brace went Best Brace in Show at the age of 8 and a half years. Animal Control knew Thursday that Bob would not be home and they took this opportunity to obtain a warrant and forcibly seize his dogs.

Over the past year Bob has been harassed and sighted for 'over the dog limits.' Many of these citations came when he was either picking up a rescue and had not placed it in foster as yet or when he was grooming a rescue after the dog was placed in foster and brought to him for grooming. It didn't matter to the City of Littleton, if that was the day that they dropped in for an inspection, the dogs were counted and Bob was issued another citation. Bob has been in court at least three times defending his position that he is active in Rescue and that all the dogs, his and the rescues are loved and cared for and some being medically attended to coming in from a shelter or an owner turn in. He has always contended that the dogs are far better off going into rescue than they would be going to a shelter where they could get sick or be euthanized.

This Friday, February 22, 2008, Bob, his attorneys, Bob's neighbors, members of the Irish Setter Club of Colorado, members of the English Setter Parent Club, President and members of All Breed Rescue Network [ABRN], friends and family were all present at the "Emergency Motion For Hearing On Illegal Seizure Of Property." filed by Bob's attorney, Susan M. Martin. There was standing room only. The hearing was held to hopefully get his dogs out of the shelter. Bob had to agree to certain stipulations to get his dogs back. One of them being that he was guilty of conditions set forth by an earlier court finding of 'over the dog limit.' His only concern was for the safety and welfare of his dogs. If he did not agree, his dogs would suffer the consequences. The judge signed an order that the dogs be immediately released after both Bob's attorney's and the Deputy District Attorney agreed. Another stipulation was that the dogs could only be released to Bob's agents, the two attorneys. Both attorneys agreed they would pick up the dogs as they are dog people and also active in rescue, however, not in the City of Littleton; where rescue seems to be outlawed.

Even with the Court Order to release Bob's dogs, it did not go well. Bob's dogs were being held at the Colorado Humane Society, a privately owned organization that is under investigation and sighted for inhumane activities. The Englewood Police had to be called out to officiate to see that the Judge's Orders were carried out. If you have read this far, you are probably asking, why and how can this be happening? We are and have all been asking ourselves these same questions. But I sat in court with the others and we were very upset with what we were witnessing and to what Bob had to stipulate to.

I am writing this BLOG because Bob's friends on the west and east coast have asked about this, they are calling it the Colorado Incident. They and everyone concerned should have the details straight from the horses mouth. Channel 7 was present in the lobby, at the hearing and the story should be aired when there is a time slot. We have put together a 'Defense Fund' to help Bob with further action against the City of Littleton for harassment; mental, physical and financial damages. There will be more court hearings and appeals. Anyone interested in the Motion that was filed by Bob's attorneys may email me as I have permission to share it with all Bob's concerned friends. The Press Release, which is customary, is up at the City of Littleton's Website. "Attleson Pleads Guilty."

This not only involves Bob's show dogs, it also involves rescue and a very decent and caring person that for the last 30 years or more has given more then anyone I know to saving the lives of lost setters. Bob has already spent more than $150,000 out of pocket expenses for boarding fees moving rescue dogs to comply with ordinances, for the purchase of homes and relocating expenses, and on legal fees.

Further postings will include information on Where and Who to write; and the Attleson Defense Fund.
Thank you ...

Attleson Dog Defense

This BLOG is being created to provide information regarding
the Illegal Seizure of Bob Attleson's Show Dogs on February 15, 2008.
Bob's story and updates will be shown here later.
Who and where to write to will also be included here.
A Defense Fund has been set up and details will be listed here.
You may also post comments here and they are encouraged.
Please be respectful.
Thank You!