Tuesday, November 11, 2008


There was a comment left on the STEP OUTSIDE THE SILO post
by anonymous saying they knew someone that had the photos and
could they post photos from the Attleson Court file on the blog?
They are old black and white photos taken in 2006 of storage,
towels and blankets on the floor, a garage full to the ceiling,
a tub that has not drained as the filter needed unplugged to prevent
hair from running into the sewer system, storage in the yard, old
empty crates and poor housekeeping. None of these photos speak
to the excellent care and condition of the dogs.

There has been an underground movement by a few in the fancy
to smear the name of All Setter Rescue and especially Bob Attleson,
its founder. Notes and photos from the court files have been sent
to various members in the fancy by members in the fancy. They
have also been sent to the Breed Specific Clubs, the ESAA and
the ISCA as stated in another comment left by anonymous.

Bob's name has been removed from the rescue contacts for the state of
Colorado by the ESAA and yet we continue to save English Setters here
in Colorado and from surrounding states. We are the only 'game ' in town
and in nearby states that does all setter rescue. We continue to do what we
can for the dogs while continually being blasted by anonymous comments
to the blog.

Anonymous asked, "Can the photos be posted by anonymous here on the blog?"
Answer: Not hardly ... but they can be obtained by those distributing them in
emails to certain members of the fancy. Contact TRACY HILL, alias SABRINA at: irishsetter75@gmail.com or redscentmorgan@hotmail.com or thil@earthlink.net
They have been circulating information with regard to Bob's Littleton
history and will most likely be happy to oblige.